VIAVIS střežíme podtatné VIAVIS střežíme podtatné


We are an independent, expert and consulting company focusing primarily on the protection of information and tangible assets.

Information is the most valuable commodity, yet few people realize it, and their protection is underestimated.

Our services:

Penetration testing

  • simulation of security incidents
  • incresase of the system security level

  • information system (selection, purchase, implementation)
  • revision and modification of contracts
  • representation of clients towards third parties

  • information security
  • social engineering
  • protection against tracking
  • personal data protection
  • protection against corruption
  • protection of the business secrets and know-how

  • security consulting
  • outsourcing of the Security Manager role
  • tackling illegal surveillance and wiretapping
  • crisis management
  • expert evaluation of information
  • ISMS

In collaboration with our clients and partners, we have created a project Talkey – unique security platform to encrypt e-mails,  files and folders at the highest security level.

We are members of the following Associations: